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Training Designed to Empower

Note: Although trainings are free, attendees are responsible for all of their own travel and per diem costs. Early registration is recommended as trainings are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. Please do not make travel arrangements until the training event has been officially confirmed.


An Overview of the Types of Training We Provide

ANA Webinar Series

The Eastern Region T/TA Center is one of four Regional Centers that hosts ANA’s weekly Webinar Series on a variety of topics to assist your community’s development goals.  To see a listing of the entire series, click here.

Project Planning & Development Training

In this 3-day training, participants will learn how to:

  • •      Work with community and key partners to identify and document specific community problems that stand in the way of meeting community goals;
  • •      Create a project work plan to address those problems and attain community goals;
  • •      Develop measurable outcomes and impacts to the community; and
  • •      Determine the level of resources and funding needed to implement the project.

​Pre-Application Training

Click here for the 2020 Virtual Pre-Application Training videos.

In this 2-day training, participants will learn how to:

  • •      Understand the ANA Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Evaluation Criteria;
  • •      Format, package, structure and submit a funding application; and
  • •      Register and apply on

Post Award Training

This training is held exclusively for new grantees.  In this 2-day training, participants will learn how to:

  • •      Read a Notice of Award (NOA);
  • •      Complete and submit the required quarterly reports (Objective Progress Report and SF425);
  • •      Utilize; and
  • •      Submit a timely non-competing grant continuation application and requests for non-routine grant amendments.