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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance to Suit Your Needs

Electronic Technical Assistance (ETA) is available for:

  • •      Unsuccessful Applicants who want to improve their application for next submission
  • •      Planning & Project Development questions such as assistance formulating project ideas and planning
  • •      Pre-Application ETA – individualized assistance to prospective ANA applicants through phone, email and fax.  To be eligible, applicants must have completed 75% of the ANA application.
  • •      Current Grantees requesting assistance with GrantSolutions, grant amendments, reporting, or project implementation.


For Pre-Application Technical Assistance,

  • •      information on which competition you are applying for,
  • •      a brief description of your project, and
  • •      your percentage of application completion.


If you have questions about technical assistance, please call us at (888) 221-9686 or email us at