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Virtual Pre-Application

Training Videos

Virtual Pre-Application Training Videos

In April and May 2020, the Eastern Region Training and Technical Assistance Center held a three-session Virtual Pre-Application Training.  The videos below are taken from those recorded videos and are split up to cover the different sections of the ANA application.  Recordings of each of the sessions in their entirety can be found towards the bottom of the page. 

If you have any problems with the videos, please contact Quannee Oosahwe, Outreach and Technical Assistance Specialist, at

The ANA Project Framework includes the Long-Term Community Goal, Current Community Condition, Project Goal, Objectives, Outputs, and Outcomes and Indicators. This video will cover each of these topics.

The Outcome Tracker aligns information from the Project Framework with a means for measurement and annual targets for achievement. The Outcome Tracking Strategy is a narrative which describes the processes, tools, and staff that will be used to collect, analyze, and store project related data.

This sub-criterion should emphasize how projects are designed around community-based priorities for self-sufficiency. Applications must describe their connection to their communities and how they intend to keep the communities updated on the project.

This sub-criterion demonstrates how applicants have planned sufficiently and are ready to implement their project upon award.

The Objective Work Plan (OWP) is the blueprint of the project. It mirrors the implementation plan by outlining what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

This sub-criterion will demonstrate your tribe or organization has the expertise, credentials, and infrastructure to oversee Federal funds, partners, and the delivery of project objectives.

The Budget & Budget Justification subcriterion will demonstrate that you have designated adequate resources to carry out the proposed project while ensuring the costs are reasonable.

Recordings of the Virtual Pre-Application Training Webinar Series are now available to view at your convenience.  Click on the corresponding session button below to view each video in full.