Project Planning and Development Training

Project Planning and Development Training

Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 08 - 10, 2013

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Project Planning and Development Training

Steps Before Writing Your ANA Grant

PPD trainings will provide applicants with skills to plan successful community development projects. 

Participants learn how to:

  • Work with community and key partners to identify and document specific community problems that stand in the way of meeting community goals
  • Create a project work plan to address those problems and attain community goals
  • Develop measurable outcomes and impacts to the community; and 
  • Determine the level of resources and funding needed to implement the project.

 Also, independent grant writers must fax, (571) 323-2101, a signed letter from the Tribe or Native organization you'll be writing the grant for prior to the training in order to attend.

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